Welcome to SD "On The Line"

We may be the last to turn up to the party, but we certainly know how to throw a good shindig.


Ha!! I think we may be the last retail store in Australia to join the online (Or “on the line” as Granny likes to call it) party…but here we are…in full boogie on down swing.


Ok well not full swing….like a mini swing version of an SD store…a very mini curated version of an SD store….But we have asked you all to hold your breath long enough…is it worth the 14 years that your breath has been held…probably not….will it be in time….absofreakinglutley! But hey considering we were dragged kicking and screaming into Facebook and Instagram I’m sure we will take a hold and run with it ( Ok except Granny…she has only just mastered a text).


We love what we do, like with our whole hearts…we live and breathe it…without taking ourselves or what we do too seriously, fashion and homewares that we love with the people we love…couldn’t ask for anything more or better…and we can’t wait to share it with you!


So, what we do in a big and bold way in our little rural bricks and mortar stores, you will have a little snippet of with a push of a button…to see more of what we have to offer, still watch our FB and Instagram as we will still be a DM, text message or a phone call away…. but now you can shop at midnight while we are asleep!


Welcome to SD “on the line” xx