Vanessa Arizaga

"Say Anything" DIY Necklace & Bracelet Kit(Rainbow Smiley Heart)


"SAY ANYTHING" by making your own one-of-a-kind rainbow smiley-themed necklace and bracelet!  Super easy and fun to create with ability to change style and wording at any time !   

Kit comes packaged in our Venessa Arizaga branded tube and includes all of the below :

    • 25" Plated brass chain (multicolour)
    • Leather cord (multicolor)
    • Bracelet cord (multicolor)
    • Ceramic alphabet charms 
    • Ceramic symbol charms (?, $, %, +) mixed
    • Small Smiley Face charm (x2)
    • Small Heart cube charm (x2)
    • Ceramic barrel eye charm (x1)
    • Ceramic round eye charm (x1)
    • Ceramic bloodshot eye charm (x1)
    • Ceramic googly eye charm (x2)
    • Ceramic heart charm - multicolour (x7)
    • Ceramic 8mm smiley (x1)
    • Ceramic 10mm smiley (x1)
    • Ceramic 12mm smiley (x1)
    • Ceramic 14mm smiley (x1)
    • Ceramic 14mm peace sign (x1)
    • Glass mushroom charm (x1)
    • Large ceramic rainbow charm (x1)
    • Glass roller beads (multicolour)

    Please note that some charm colours may vary.

    Handmade in NYC.


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